Mocha India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Mocha India menu prices.

Item Price

Most Popular

Margherita Pizza ₹295.00
Kit Kat Shake ₹195.00
Lemon and Mint Green Iced Tea ₹125.00
All American Mac and Cheese ₹350.00

Single Origin

Monsoon Malabar Arabica ₹120.00
Mysore Nuggets ₹160.00
Gungegiri Estate ₹160.00
Kalledevarapura Estate ₹150.00

Hot Chocolates

Ultimate Hot Chocolate ₹195.00
Lindt Hot Choclate ₹225.00


Green Tea ₹65.00
Earl Grey Tea ₹65.00
Chamomile Tea ₹65.00
Moroccan Mint Tea ₹65.00
Masala Chai Cutting ₹55.00


Espresso ₹65.00
Cappuccino ₹90.00
Cappuccino Grande ₹110.00
Caffe Latte ₹110.00
Cafe Mocha ₹125.00
Mocha Caramel Frappe ₹165.00

Coolers and Smoothies

Country Lemonade ₹110.00
Pink Lemonade ₹110.00
Lemon Iced Tea ₹110.00
Peach Iced Tea ₹110.00
Lemon and Mint Green Iced Tea (Coolers and Smoothies) ₹125.00
Miami Melons ₹155.00
Berry Blast ₹125.00
Bahaut Berry ₹165.00
Mineral Water (1000 mL) ₹95.00
Red Bull Energy Drink ₹195.00
Fresh Lime Soda ₹105.00
Kiwi Banana and Honey Smoothie ₹175.00
Kiwi Mojito ₹150.00
Malta Mojito ₹150.00
Paan Mojito ₹150.00
Mocktails ₹150.00

Mocha Freak Shakes

Nutella and Pretzel Shake ₹265.00
Fudge Brownie Shake ₹265.00
Banoffee Pie Shake ₹265.00
Apple Pie Shake ₹265.00

Cold Press Fresh Juices

Sweet Lime Juice ₹195.00
Orange Juice ₹195.00
Apple Juice ₹195.00
Pineapple Juice ₹195.00
Apple, Carrot, Beetroot and Ginger Juice ₹195.00
Apple, Pineapple, and Sweet Lime Juice ₹195.00

The Great Shakes

Blue Berry Brain Freeze Shake ₹195.00
Fresh Fruit Shake ₹175.00
Strawberry Cheesecake Shake ₹195.00
Kit Kat Shake (The Great Shakes) ₹195.00
Snicker Bar Shake ₹195.00
Toblerone Shake ₹195.00
Mocha Shake ₹175.00
Hazelnut Banana Shake ₹195.00
The Ferrero Rocher Shake ₹235.00
Oreo Cookie and Fudge Brownie Shake ₹195.00
Black Forest Shake ₹235.00


Lava Lava ₹180.00
Cheese Cake Bronwnie ₹180.00
Vertigo ₹225.00
Banoffee Pie ₹180.00
Flourless Chocolate Cake ₹195.00
Chocolate Avalanche ₹225.00


Tawa Chicken Masala ₹325.00
Mutton Rogan Josh ₹375.00
Thai Green Curry Veg ₹325.00
Thai Chicken Curry ₹350.00
Veg Triple Schezwan Rice ₹250.00
Chicken Triple Schezwan Rice ₹295.00
Herbed Marinated Grilled Chicken ₹375.00
Grilled Fish Basa ₹395.00
Veg Dum Biryani ₹250.00
Chicken Dum Biryani ₹295.00
Gosht Dum Biryani ₹325.00

Breads and More

Tandoori Roti ₹35.00
Butter Pav ₹35.00
Naan ₹50.00
Butter Naan ₹55.00
Lachha Paratha ₹50.00
Garlic Naan ₹55.00
Paratha ₹55.00
Chilli Cheese Naan ₹85.00
Jalapenos Naan ₹85.00
Mix Vegetable Raita ₹95.00
Burani Raita ₹95.00
Steam Rice ₹85.00

Mocha Mains

Grilled Exotic Vegetables ₹295.00
Dal Makhani ₹275.00
Dal Garhwali ₹250.00
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala ₹325.00
Mushroom Corn Masala ₹275.00
Kadhai Paneer Masala ₹275.00
Vegetable Jalfrezi ₹250.00
Kadhai Murgh Masala ₹325.00
Martabani Gosht ₹375.00
Chicken Makhani ₹325.00
Keema Ghotala with Buttered Pav ₹350.00
Keema Ghotala with Buttered Paratha ₹350.00

Mocha Sizzlers

Cottage Cheese Medallions ₹375.00
Mixed Veg Shashlik ₹375.00
Peri Peri Chicken ₹395.00
Chicken Shashlik ₹395.00
Tandoori Chicken ₹395.00
Veg Oriental ₹325.00
Chicken Oriental ₹350.00


Porcini and Shiitake Mushroom Spaghetti ₹350.00
Pink Sauce Penne ₹350.00
All American Mac and Cheese (Pastas) ₹350.00
Mocha Way Aglio Olio Spaghetti ₹350.00
Create Your Own ₹350.00


Margherita Pizza (Pizzas) ₹295.00
Farm Fresh Pizza ₹350.00
Three Chilli and Bell Pepper Pizza ₹350.00
Tandoori Paneer Shashlik and Mundu chilli Pizza ₹350.00
Desi Chilli Paneer ₹350.00
Desi Chilli Chicken ₹375.00
Chicken Tikka Pizza ₹375.00
Peri Peri Chicken Pizza ₹375.00
Meatzza Pizza ₹395.00

Back to Canteen

Poutine (Foo Tayn) ₹195.00
Birbal ki Khichdi ₹225.00
Mocha China Box Veg ₹225.00
Mocha China Box Chicken ₹250.00
Pav Bhaji Cheesy Grit ₹195.00
Bun Maska and Chai ₹95.00
Mocha Chicken Burger ₹250.00
Lamb Burger ₹275.00
Club Sandwich Veg ₹225.00
Club Sandwich Non Veg ₹250.00
Grilled Paneer Tikka Sandwich ₹225.00
Grilled Chicken Tikka Sandwich ₹250.00


The BMT Panini ₹225.00
Garden Fresh Panini ₹225.00
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Chilli ₹225.00
Roast Chicken Panini ₹250.00
Lebanese Chicken ₹250.00
Stuffed Tangdi ₹325.00
Koliwada Fish ₹325.00
Koliwada Prawns ₹425.00
Roti pe Ghee Roast Boti ₹375.00

Mocha Sharing Platters

Mezze Platter ₹350.00
Lebanese Kebab Platter ₹425.00
Assorted Veg Platter ₹425.00
Assorted Chicken Platter ₹475.00

Burgers and Sandwiches

Classic Veggie Burger ₹225.00
Spicy Chipotle Cheese Burger ₹225.00
OMG Grilled Chicken Burger ₹275.00
Chilli Cheese Dragon Rolls ₹250.00
Country Style Cottage Cheese with Teja Chilli ₹275.00
Masalendar Nimbu Mirch Paneer Tikka ₹295.00
Chicken Salt and Pepper ₹295.00
Sriracha Chilli Chicken ₹295.00
Dhabe Wala Chicken Tikka ₹295.00
Mocha Fried Chicken ₹295.00
Fiery Chicken Wings ₹295.00
Buhari Chicken 65 ₹295.00
Bhatti ka Murgh ₹350.00
Aslams Butter Chicken Tikka ₹295.00


Karari Roti ₹90.00
Masala Fries ₹195.00
Indori Makhana ka Chakhna ₹195.00
Chatakdar Kala Chana Masala ₹195.00
Corn Bhel Cornetto ₹215.00
Veg Salt and Pepper ₹250.00
Bruschettas ₹250.00
Hash Brown Aloo Tikka ₹250.00
Bhut Jolokia Cheese Garlic Toast ₹250.00
Nachos Grande ₹275.00
Jalapenos Hush Puppies ₹275.00

Soups and Salads

Manchow Soup ₹150.00
Minestrone Soup ₹175.00
Smoked Cardini Caesar Salad ₹175.00
Bombay Bhel Version 2.0 ₹150.00
Greek Salad ₹175.00
WWF Salad ₹175.00
Tandoori Chicken Chaat ₹225.00
Mocha Salad Bowl ₹175.00

Mocha Breakfast

Indian Breakfast ₹225.00
English Breakfast ₹315.00
Italian Omelette ₹185.00
Jhakaas Desi Omelette ₹185.00
Corn and Paneer Bhurji ₹185.00
Anda Bhurji ₹185.00
Waist Watchers Breakfast ₹315.00
Classic Belgian Waffles ₹150.00
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In the realm of culinary delights, few experiences match the warm embrace of a well-crafted cup of coffee. One name that has become synonymous with this sensory pleasure is Mocha. With a reputation that echoes among coffee aficionados and a popularity that continues to rise, Mocha has etched its place as a favorite destination for those seeking not only a caffeine fix, but also a cozy haven where flavors and ambience intertwine. Let’s delve into the essence, values, and allure that define Mocha India.

A Symphony of Sips: Mastering the Art of Coffee

Mocha’s allure lies in its dedication to the art of coffee-making, where each cup is a symphony of aromas and flavors designed to awaken the senses. Central to its offerings is a wide range of coffee concoctions, each carefully brewed with a focus on delivering a harmonious experience. From classic espresso to intricate latte art, every sip reflects Mocha’s commitment to providing an authentic and gratifying coffee experience.

What sets Mocha apart is its commitment to quality beans. The establishment takes pride in sourcing premium coffee beans, ensuring that every cup is a reflection of the brand’s dedication to excellence. Whether it’s traditional preparations or innovative combinations, Mocha India offers a diverse array of options that cater to different palates, elevating the concept of coffee to an art form.

Crafting Connections: A Hub of Conversations

Mocha’s popularity thrives not only on its coffee, but also its role as a hub of conversations and connections. The establishment transforms a simple coffee break into an experience that resonates with warmth and camaraderie, thanks to its cozy ambiance, inviting décor, and the soothing presence of aromatic coffee wafts.

The diversity of coffee offerings mirrors Mocha’s commitment to accommodating various preferences and occasions. From leisurely afternoons to vibrant evenings, Mocha ensures that there’s a coffee for every mood. This immersive experience appeals to friends, families, and individuals alike, making Mocha a preferred choice for those looking to enjoy a cup of coffee while fostering connections.

From Bean to Brew: Celebrating Tradition and Innovation

Mocha’s reputation is closely intertwined with its ability to balance tradition and innovation, creating a coffee haven that resonates with patrons. With multiple outlets across bustling neighborhoods, the establishment caters to individuals seeking a taste of India’s finest coffee flavors. The welcoming ambiance, combined with the diverse array of coffee preparations, makes Mocha a favored spot for those seeking to indulge in flavorful moments.

Moreover, Mocha’s dedication to customer satisfaction further enhances its popularity. The attentive service, focus on quality, and commitment to providing an unforgettable coffee experience turn each visit into a memorable journey. This dedication to offering not just coffee, but also an environment that promotes relaxation and interaction, contributes to Mocha India’s reputation as a cherished coffee destination.

A Fusion of Tradition and Culinary Artistry

Mocha’s popularity extends beyond its coffee offerings; it’s a fusion of tradition and culinary artistry. The establishment’s ability to craft coffee that embraces India’s rich coffee heritage while incorporating modern techniques fosters a sense of connection among its patrons. The shared experience of savoring a cup of coffee that pays homage to tradition adds to Mocha’s reputation as a place of coffee camaraderie and cherished memories.

Furthermore, Mocha’s involvement in local events and cultural initiatives has solidified its reputation as a responsible and engaged establishment. This commitment to enhancing communal experiences resonates with patrons who appreciate businesses that contribute positively to the local scene.


Mocha India is a testament to the idea that coffee can be a journey of indulgence, tradition, and shared delight. With its commitment to delivering authentic flavors, dedication to creating an ambiance that embraces India’s coffee essence, and alignment with the values of coffee excellence and tradition, Mocha has earned a reputation that resonates with both coffee enthusiasts and those seeking to embrace the joys of life. As Mocha continues to offer coffee that inspires, fosters connections, and celebrates the art of coffee preparation, it remains a symbol of the power of a warm cup to create cherished memories and elevate the experience of sharing in the modern culinary landscape.

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Mocha India FAQ

How much is Mocha India's Margherita Pizza?

Margherita Pizza – ?295.00

How much is a All American Mac and Cheese at Mocha India?

All American Mac and Cheese – ?350.00

How much are Kalledevarapura Estate at Mocha India?

Kalledevarapura Estate – ?150.00

How much does a Mocha India's Green Tea Cost?

Green Tea – ?65.00