Frozen Bottle India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Frozen Bottle India menu prices.

Item Price


Tutty Fruity ₹109.00
Belgian Dark Chocolate Shake ₹304.00
Cold Coffee ₹218.10
Makar Sankranti Combo ₹389.52
Kitkat Oreo Shake ₹189.52

Makar Sankranti Combo (Month specials)

Makar Sankranti Combo (Makar Sankranti Combo (Month specials)) ₹389.52

Premium Thick Shakes

Seethaphal Thick Shake ₹208.57
Nutty Chocolate Thick Shake ₹208.57
Fig and Honey Thick Shake ₹208.57
Belgian Chocolate Thick Shake (500 ml) ₹294.29
Ferrero Rocher Thick Shake (500 ml) ₹294.29

January Month Specials

January Special ₹237.14

Premium ThickShakes

Belgian Dark Chocolate Shake (Premium ThickShakes) ₹304.00
Ferroro Rocher Shake ₹303.81
Nutty Chocolate Shake ₹218.10
Fig & Honey ₹218.10
Millet Almond Shake- Sugar Free ₹218.10
Millet Choco - Sugar Free ₹218.10

Pemium Sundaes

Dark Temptation Sundae ₹160.95
The Rainbow Sundae ₹160.95

Premium Cake Jars

Nutty Choco Jumbo Cake Jar ₹227.62
Red Riding Hood ₹227.62
Red Riding Hood Cake Jar ₹218.10
Nutty Choco Jumbo Cake in Jar ₹237.14

Cake Jars

Melting Pot Cake Jar ₹218.10
Choco Chip Cookie ₹227.62
Banana Caramel Goodness ₹227.62
Banana Caramel Goodness Cake Jar ₹218.10
Tutty Fruity (Cake Jars) ₹227.62
Choco Chip Cookie Cake Jar ₹218.10
Melting Pot ₹227.62
Tutty Fruity Cake Jar ₹218.10

Premium Sundaes

Hot Chocolate Fudge ₹170.48
The Rainbow ₹170.48

Kiddy Special

Kit Kat Oreo ₹180.00
Popcorn Time ₹180.00

Fruit Midley

Berry Blast ₹180.00
Lovingly Lychee ₹180.00
Chikoo Shake ₹180.00


Black Current ₹95.00
Coconut Barfi Scoop ₹84.76
Caramel Nuts ₹103.81
Dry Fruit Delight Scoop ₹94.29
Dry Fruit Delight ₹103.81
Blackcurrant Scoop ₹84.76
Sugar Free Vanilla ₹104.00
Belgian Chocolate Scoop ₹94.29
Belgian Chocolate ₹104.00
Sitaphal Scoop ₹94.29

Kiddie Special

Pop Corn Time ₹180.00
Kitkat Oreo Shake (Kiddie Special) ₹189.52

Fruit Medley

Mango Shake ₹190.00
Berry Blast Shake ₹189.52
Chikko Shake ₹189.52
Loving Lychee Shake ₹189.52

Retro Classic

Filter Kaapi Shake ₹160.94
Kesar Badam ₹151.43
Desi Kheer ₹160.94
Filter Kaapi ₹151.43
Kesar Badam Shake ₹160.94
Good O Vanilla ₹180.00
Banana Gulkand Shake ₹189.52
Banana Gulkand ₹180.00
Good Ol Vanilla Shake ₹189.52

Modern Twist

Snickers Surprise Shake ₹189.52
Snicker Surprise ₹180.00
Salted Caramel Shake ₹189.52
Red Velvet ₹180.00
Red Velvet Shake ₹189.52
Salted Caramel ₹180.00

Choco Indulgence

Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Shake ₹199.05
Oreo Cheesecake ₹189.52
Black Forest ₹218.10
Chocolate Hazelnut ₹275.24
Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie 500 ML ₹284.76


Banana Split Sundae ₹160.95
Crazy Kid's Sundae ₹160.95

Sugar-free Shakes

Cold Coffee (Sugar-free Shakes) ₹218.10
Nutty Vanilla ₹218.10


Alphonso Mango Shake ₹180.00
Alphonso Mango Cake Jar ₹208.57
Alphonso Mango Sundae ₹160.95

Choco Indulgance IC

Chocolate Factory ₹208.57
Crak Eh Belgian ₹208.57
Brownie Overdose ₹208.57
Choco Ferroro Rocher ₹246.67

Ice Cream Pizza

Choco Brownie Ice Cream Pizza ₹141.90
Caramel Nuts Ice Cream Pizza ₹141.90

Frozen Sundaes

Death By Chocolate ₹208.57

Nutty Delight Stone Jars

Nuts Overdose Stone Jar ₹208.57
Caramel Sutra Stone Jar ₹208.57

Arabian Classic

Nutty Dates Shake- 300 ML ₹218.10
Date and Nuts ₹208.57
Nutty Thandai ₹218.10

Choco Indulgence Stone Jars

Chocolate Factory Stone Jar ₹208.57
Brownie Overdose Stone Jar ₹208.57
Crack eh Belgian Stone Jar ₹208.57
Choco Ferrero Rocher Stone Jar ₹246.67

Nutty Delight

Caramel Sutra ₹208.57
Nuts Overdose ₹208.57

Fruit Medley Stone Jars

Exotic Fruits Cream Stone Jar ₹180.00

Fruity Medley IC

Exotic Fruitscream ₹180.00

Frozen Sundae Stone Jars

Death By Chocolate Stone Jar ₹208.57

Bestsellers [email protected]/-

Vanilla Single Scoop ₹49.00
Mango Single Scoop ₹49.00
Kit Kat Oreo Shake ₹79.00
Black Forest (Bestsellers [email protected]/-) ₹79.00
Berry Blast Shake (Bestsellers [email protected]/-) ₹79.00
Dark temptation ₹99.00
Tutty Fruity (Bestsellers [email protected]/-) ₹109.00
Choco Chip Cookie (Bestsellers [email protected]/-) ₹109.00

Stone Jars

Alphonso Stone Jar ₹180.00
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Frozen Bottle India FAQ

How much is Frozen Bottle India's Belgian Dark Chocolate Shake?

Belgian Dark Chocolate Shake – ₹304.00

How much is a Kitkat Oreo Shake at Frozen Bottle India?

Kitkat Oreo Shake – ₹189.52

How much are Ferroro Rocher Shake at Frozen Bottle India?

Ferroro Rocher Shake – ₹303.81

How much does a Frozen Bottle India's The Rainbow Sundae Cost?

The Rainbow Sundae – ₹160.95