Chick Blast India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Chick Blast India menu prices.

Item Price


Mix Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹190.00
Double Chicken Zesty Burger ₹165.00
White Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹170.00
Chicken Wrap ₹85.00
Chicken Zesty Burger ₹130.00


Dip Bucket Boneless Strips (12 pcs) Combo ₹410.00
Fried Chicken (2 pcs) Combo ₹365.00


Chicken biryani ₹150.00

Veg Burgers

Veg Classic Burger ₹45.00
Veggie Burger ₹60.00
Veg Tandoori Burger ₹75.00
Veg Achari Burger ₹75.00
Herb Chilli Burger ₹70.00
Crunchy Veg Burger ₹75.00
Spinach Corn Burger ₹80.00
Veg and Crisp Burger ₹85.00
Veggie Strip Burger ₹90.00
Veg Chilli Burger ₹90.00
Veg Tower Burger ₹115.00
Paneer Burger ₹75.00
Paneer Achari Burger ₹80.00
Paneer Tandoori Burger ₹85.00
Paneer and Crisp Burger ₹90.00
Paneer Chilli Burger ₹90.00
Paneer Tower Burger ₹130.00
Grilled Paneer Burger ₹130.00

Non Veg Burgers

Grilled Chicken Burger ₹160.00
Double Grilled Chicken Burger ₹195.00
Egg Burger ₹50.00
Cheese Egg Burger ₹60.00
Chicken Burger ₹55.00
Cheese Chicken Burger ₹65.00
Chicken Achari Burger ₹75.00
Chicken Tandoori Burger ₹85.00
Crispy Chicken Burger ₹85.00
Chicken Salami Burger ₹95.00
Chicken Chilli Burger ₹95.00
Chicken Zesty Burger (Non Veg Burgers) ₹130.00
Chicken Zesty with Twist Burger ₹140.00
Chicken Tower Burger ₹130.00
Double Chicken Zesty Burger (Non Veg Burgers) ₹165.00
Chicken Messy Burger ₹175.00
Mutton Burger ₹85.00
Mutton Chilli Burger ₹90.00
Mutton Tower Burger ₹145.00


Veg Wrap ₹70.00
Herb Chilli Wrap ₹75.00
Spinach Corn Wrap ₹85.00
Veg Strip Wrap ₹90.00
Paneer Wrap ₹90.00
Cottage Cheese Chilli Wrap ₹110.00
Grilled Paneer Wrap ₹130.00
Egg Wrap ₹60.00
Chicken Wrap (Wraps) ₹85.00
Chick Pop Wrap ₹95.00
Mutton Wrap ₹95.00
Chicken Strip Wrap ₹105.00
Grilled Chicken Wrap ₹130.00


Veg Sandwich ₹90.00
Cheese Corn Sandwich ₹100.00
Paneer Sandwich ₹110.00
Pasta Sandwich ₹140.00
Egg Sandwich ₹100.00
Chicken Sandwich ₹120.00
Mutton Sandwich ₹130.00
Chicken Salami Sandwich ₹145.00
Cheese Chicken Sandwich ₹165.00

Our Specialities

Popcorn ₹90.00
Boneless Strips ₹110.00
Chicken Lollipop ₹95.00
Crispy Chicken Cheese Pizza ₹145.00
Crispy Fried chicken ₹160.00


Chicken Nuggets ₹75.00
Veg Fingers ₹80.00
Veg Nacho Salad ₹120.00
Non Veg Nacho Salad ₹140.00
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ₹75.00
Veg Pizza Pockets ₹80.00
Chicken Breast Strips ₹90.00

Veg Pasta

Red Sauce Pasta Veg ₹130.00
White Sauce Pasta Veg ₹130.00
Tandoori Sauce Pasta Veg ₹130.00
Italian Sauce Pasta Veg ₹140.00
Cheese Sauce Pasta Veg ₹150.00
Mix Sauce Pasta Veg ₹150.00
Indiana Pasta Veg ₹150.00

Non Veg Pasta

Red Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹170.00
White Sauce Pasta Non Veg (Non Veg Pasta) ₹170.00
Tandoori Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹170.00
Italian Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹180.00
Cheese Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹190.00
Mix Sauce Pasta Non Veg (Non Veg Pasta) ₹190.00
Indiana Pasta Non Veg ₹190.00


Veg Quesadilla ₹110.00
Paneer Quesadilla ₹130.00
Egg Quesadilla ₹135.00
Chicken Quesadilla ₹155.00
Mutton Quesadilla ₹165.00


Fries ₹55.00
Zigzag Fries ₹75.00
Masala Fries ₹80.00
Cheese Fries ₹120.00
Italian Cheese Fries ₹130.00
Mexican Cheese Fries ₹140.00
Chicken Fries ₹80.00
Cheese Chicken Fries ₹180.00


Brownie ₹50.00
Brownie Sizzler ₹120.00
Brownie Strawberry Sizzler ₹140.00


Virgin Mojito ₹70.00

Thick Fruit Shakes

Mixed Berry Fruit Shake ₹120.00
Pinacolada Fruit Shake ₹120.00
Mango Fruit Shake ₹120.00
Strawberry Fruit Shake ₹120.00
Strawberry Banana Fruit Shake ₹120.00


Cold Coffee ₹100.00
Oreo Shake ₹110.00
Chocolate Shake ₹110.00
Butterscotch Shake ₹110.00
Bubblegum Shake ₹110.00
Oreo Strawberry Shake ₹130.00
Kit Kat Shake ₹120.00
Brownie Blast Shake ₹120.00
Nutella Shake ₹130.00
Strawberry Chocolate Shake ₹120.00
English Toffee Shake ₹120.00
Lychee Shake ₹120.00
Muskmelon Shake ₹120.00
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In the colorful tapestry of Indian cuisine, Chick Blast has established itself as a culinary treasure trove that harmoniously blends taste, quality, and innovation. With a reputation that reverberates across the country and a popularity that continues to soar, Chick Blast has solidified its position as a culinary haven for food enthusiasts in India. Join us as we embark on a flavorful journey to uncover the essence, values, and acclaim that define Chick Blast within the vibrant landscape of Indian gastronomy.

A Symphony of Flavors: Diving into the Chick Blast Menu

At the heart of Chick Blast’s allure is its ability to orchestrate a symphony of flavors, where every dish is a masterpiece of taste and creativity. The menu boasts a diverse array of offerings, catering to a spectrum of taste preferences and providing an experience that is both tantalizing and gratifying. From timeless classics with a contemporary twist to innovative creations that push culinary boundaries, each dish embodies Chick Blast’s commitment to offering a culinary journey.

Central to Chick Blast’s culinary philosophy is its unwavering dedication to top-tier ingredients. The brand takes pride in sourcing the freshest produce, premium meats, and authentic spices, ensuring that each bite carries the essence of culinary excellence. Whether presenting beloved recipes or introducing fresh culinary concepts, Chick Blast India offers an array of choices that cater to diverse palates, transforming dining into a voyage of gastronomic delight.

A Haven of Flavors and Moments: The Chick Blast Experience

Chick Blast’s popularity isn’t solely attributed to its delectable fare; it’s also due to its role as a sanctuary for culinary exploration and shared experiences. The brand transforms the act of dining into a memorable escapade that resonates with discovery and camaraderie. This is facilitated by its inviting ambiance, vibrant decor, and the tantalizing aroma of its delectable creations.

The menu’s diversity is a testament to Chick Blast’s commitment to catering to a wide range of preferences and occasions. From casual gatherings to momentous celebrations, Chick Blast ensures there’s a dish for every event. This inclusive approach appeals to families, friends, and individuals alike, positioning Chick Blast as a favored choice for those seeking not only a satisfying meal but also an enriching culinary journey.

Innovation Meets Tradition: Crafting Culinary Excellence

Chick Blast India’s reputation is intrinsically linked to its ability to seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary culinary trends, resulting in a dining experience that resonates with patrons. With multiple outlets across the nation, the brand caters to individuals seeking a taste of both authentic and modern flavors. The inviting ambiance, combined with an extensive menu, positions Chick Blast as a preferred destination for those looking to relish tastes that honor heritage while embracing innovation.

Furthermore, Chick Blast’s dedication to customer satisfaction further enhances its popularity. The attentive service, emphasis on quality, and commitment to delivering an unforgettable dining experience transform each visit into a journey of gastronomic delight. This commitment to offering not just food but an ambiance that fosters connection and enjoyment contributes to Chick Blast India’s status as a cherished dining haven.

A Fusion of Flavors and Imagination

Chick Blast’s popularity extends beyond its menu offerings; it encapsulates a fusion of flavors and creative culinary artistry. The brand’s knack for infusing traditional dishes with inventive elements and reimagining classics with modern twists fosters a sense of connection among its patrons. The shared experience of savoring a dish that marries heritage with innovation further solidifies Chick Blast’s reputation as a place of culinary camaraderie and cherished moments.

In addition, Chick Blast’s active involvement in local events and community initiatives enhances its standing as a responsible and engaged establishment. This commitment to enhancing communal experiences resonates with patrons who value businesses that contribute positively to their local surroundings.


Chick Blast India stands as a shining example of the transformative power of culinary mastery. With its commitment to delivering diverse flavors, dedication to fostering an ambiance of culinary exploration, and alignment with values of excellence and innovation, Chick Blast has earned a reputation that resonates with both food enthusiasts and those seeking an extraordinary dining experience. As Chick Blast continues to present dishes that inspire, forge connections, and celebrate the art of culinary innovation, it remains a symbol of the ability of diverse cuisines to create cherished memories and elevate the act of sharing in the modern gastronomic landscape.

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Chick Blast India FAQ

How much is Chick Blast India's Mix Sauce Pasta Non Veg?

Mix Sauce Pasta Non Veg – ?190.00

How much is a Chicken biryani at Chick Blast India?

Chicken biryani – ?150.00

How much are Paneer Tandoori Burger at Chick Blast India?

Paneer Tandoori Burger – ?85.00

How much does a Chick Blast India's Cheese Egg Burger Cost?

Cheese Egg Burger – ?60.00