Chick Blast India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Chick Blast India menu prices.

Item Price


Mix Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹190.00
Double Chicken Zesty Burger ₹165.00
White Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹170.00
Chicken Wrap ₹85.00
Chicken Zesty Burger ₹130.00


Dip Bucket Boneless Strips (12 pcs) Combo ₹410.00
Fried Chicken (2 pcs) Combo ₹365.00


Chicken biryani ₹150.00

Veg Burgers

Veg Classic Burger ₹45.00
Veggie Burger ₹60.00
Veg Tandoori Burger ₹75.00
Veg Achari Burger ₹75.00
Herb Chilli Burger ₹70.00
Crunchy Veg Burger ₹75.00
Spinach Corn Burger ₹80.00
Veg and Crisp Burger ₹85.00
Veggie Strip Burger ₹90.00
Veg Chilli Burger ₹90.00
Veg Tower Burger ₹115.00
Paneer Burger ₹75.00
Paneer Achari Burger ₹80.00
Paneer Tandoori Burger ₹85.00
Paneer and Crisp Burger ₹90.00
Paneer Chilli Burger ₹90.00
Paneer Tower Burger ₹130.00
Grilled Paneer Burger ₹130.00

Non Veg Burgers

Grilled Chicken Burger ₹160.00
Double Grilled Chicken Burger ₹195.00
Egg Burger ₹50.00
Cheese Egg Burger ₹60.00
Chicken Burger ₹55.00
Cheese Chicken Burger ₹65.00
Chicken Achari Burger ₹75.00
Chicken Tandoori Burger ₹85.00
Crispy Chicken Burger ₹85.00
Chicken Salami Burger ₹95.00
Chicken Chilli Burger ₹95.00
Chicken Zesty Burger (Non Veg Burgers) ₹130.00
Chicken Zesty with Twist Burger ₹140.00
Chicken Tower Burger ₹130.00
Double Chicken Zesty Burger (Non Veg Burgers) ₹165.00
Chicken Messy Burger ₹175.00
Mutton Burger ₹85.00
Mutton Chilli Burger ₹90.00
Mutton Tower Burger ₹145.00


Veg Wrap ₹70.00
Herb Chilli Wrap ₹75.00
Spinach Corn Wrap ₹85.00
Veg Strip Wrap ₹90.00
Paneer Wrap ₹90.00
Cottage Cheese Chilli Wrap ₹110.00
Grilled Paneer Wrap ₹130.00
Egg Wrap ₹60.00
Chicken Wrap (Wraps) ₹85.00
Chick Pop Wrap ₹95.00
Mutton Wrap ₹95.00
Chicken Strip Wrap ₹105.00
Grilled Chicken Wrap ₹130.00


Veg Sandwich ₹90.00
Cheese Corn Sandwich ₹100.00
Paneer Sandwich ₹110.00
Pasta Sandwich ₹140.00
Egg Sandwich ₹100.00
Chicken Sandwich ₹120.00
Mutton Sandwich ₹130.00
Chicken Salami Sandwich ₹145.00
Cheese Chicken Sandwich ₹165.00

Our Specialities

Popcorn ₹90.00
Boneless Strips ₹110.00
Chicken Lollipop ₹95.00
Crispy Chicken Cheese Pizza ₹145.00
Crispy Fried chicken ₹160.00


Chicken Nuggets ₹75.00
Veg Fingers ₹80.00
Veg Nacho Salad ₹120.00
Non Veg Nacho Salad ₹140.00
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ₹75.00
Veg Pizza Pockets ₹80.00
Chicken Breast Strips ₹90.00

Veg Pasta

Red Sauce Pasta Veg ₹130.00
White Sauce Pasta Veg ₹130.00
Tandoori Sauce Pasta Veg ₹130.00
Italian Sauce Pasta Veg ₹140.00
Cheese Sauce Pasta Veg ₹150.00
Mix Sauce Pasta Veg ₹150.00
Indiana Pasta Veg ₹150.00

Non Veg Pasta

Red Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹170.00
White Sauce Pasta Non Veg (Non Veg Pasta) ₹170.00
Tandoori Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹170.00
Italian Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹180.00
Cheese Sauce Pasta Non Veg ₹190.00
Mix Sauce Pasta Non Veg (Non Veg Pasta) ₹190.00
Indiana Pasta Non Veg ₹190.00


Veg Quesadilla ₹110.00
Paneer Quesadilla ₹130.00
Egg Quesadilla ₹135.00
Chicken Quesadilla ₹155.00
Mutton Quesadilla ₹165.00


Fries ₹55.00
Zigzag Fries ₹75.00
Masala Fries ₹80.00
Cheese Fries ₹120.00
Italian Cheese Fries ₹130.00
Mexican Cheese Fries ₹140.00
Chicken Fries ₹80.00
Cheese Chicken Fries ₹180.00


Brownie ₹50.00
Brownie Sizzler ₹120.00
Brownie Strawberry Sizzler ₹140.00


Virgin Mojito ₹70.00

Thick Fruit Shakes

Mixed Berry Fruit Shake ₹120.00
Pinacolada Fruit Shake ₹120.00
Mango Fruit Shake ₹120.00
Strawberry Fruit Shake ₹120.00
Strawberry Banana Fruit Shake ₹120.00


Cold Coffee ₹100.00
Oreo Shake ₹110.00
Chocolate Shake ₹110.00
Butterscotch Shake ₹110.00
Bubblegum Shake ₹110.00
Oreo Strawberry Shake ₹130.00
Kit Kat Shake ₹120.00
Brownie Blast Shake ₹120.00
Nutella Shake ₹130.00
Strawberry Chocolate Shake ₹120.00
English Toffee Shake ₹120.00
Lychee Shake ₹120.00
Muskmelon Shake ₹120.00
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Chick Blast India FAQ

How much is Chick Blast India's Mix Sauce Pasta Non Veg?

Mix Sauce Pasta Non Veg – ₹190.00

How much is a Chicken biryani at Chick Blast India?

Chicken biryani – ₹150.00

How much are Paneer Tandoori Burger at Chick Blast India?

Paneer Tandoori Burger – ₹85.00

How much does a Chick Blast India's Cheese Egg Burger Cost?

Cheese Egg Burger – ₹60.00