Burger King Prices India

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Burger King menu prices (India).

Item Price

'2 for Combos' starting at Rs.99

Crispy Veg Wrap + Crispy Veg Burger ₹135.33
Crispy Veg Wrap + Crispy Veg Supreme Burger ₹124.00
Veg Chilli Cheese Melt Burger + Crispy Veg Burger ₹174.00
King Egg Wrap + Crispy Chicken Burger ₹139.00
Chicken Keema Wrap + Crispy Chicken Burger ₹154.00
Chicken Keema Wrap + BK Grill Chicken Burger ₹178.00
BK Grill Chicken Burger + Crispy Chicken Burger ₹174.00
Chicken Chilli Cheese Melt Burger + Crispy Chicken Burger ₹204.00

BK Fried Chicken

BK® Fried Chicken ₹99.00

New: Rice Bowl

Creamy Paneer Rice Bowl ₹99.00
Creamy Paneer Rice + Veggie Strips [5 Pcs] + Pepsi Can ₹199.00
Creamy Paneer Rice + Thick Chocolate Shake ₹199.00
Creamy Paneer Rice + Veggie Strips [5 Pcs] ₹139.00
Curried Chicken Rice Bowl ₹149.00
Rice Bowl ₹99.00
Curried Chicken Rice + Chicken Sticks [5 Pcs] + Pepsi Can ₹269.00
Curried Chicken Rice + Fried Chicken [1 Pc] + Pepsi Can ₹299.00
Curried Chicken Rice + Thick Chocolate Shake ₹249.00
Curried chicken Rice + Chicken Sticks [5 Pcs] ₹209.00

4-in-1 Feast

Veg 4-in-1 Feast ₹249.00
Chicken 4-in-1 Feast ₹299.00

Classic Burgers

King Egg Burger ₹59.00
Crispy Veg ₹55.00
Crispy Veg Supreme ₹65.00
Crispy Chicken ₹75.00
Makhani Supreme Veg ₹79.00
Crispy Chicken Supreme ₹85.00
BK® Veggie ₹89.00
BK® Grill Chicken ₹99.00
Makhani Supreme Chicken ₹99.00
Veg Chilli Cheese Melt ₹119.00
Chicken Chilli Cheese Melt ₹129.00
Paneer King Melt ₹129.55
Chicken Tandoor Grill ₹149.00
Fiery Chicken ₹149.55


Veg Whopper® ₹139.00
Chicken Whopper® ₹149.00
Mutton Whopper® ₹219.00
Chicken Double Whopper ₹219.00
Veg Double Whopper ₹199.00
Mutton Double Whopper ₹329.00
Veg Boss Whopper® ₹189.91
Chicken Boss Whopper® ₹199.91
Mutton Boss Whopper® ₹259.91
Boss Whopper® ₹189.50

Loaded Wraps!

Crispy Veg Wrap ₹59.00
King Egg Wrap ₹69.00
Chicken Keema Wrap ₹79.00


Hi-Fries! ₹99.00
Cheesy Fries ₹99.00
Creamy Italian Fries ₹99.00
Chicken Keema Fries ₹129.00

Meal Combos

King Egg Combo ₹186.14
Crispy Veg Combo ₹182.14
BK® Veggie - Combo ₹216.14
Crispy Veg Wrap Combo ₹186.14
Crispy Veg Supreme Combo ₹192.14
King Egg Wrap Combo ₹196.14
Crispy Chicken Combo ₹202.14
Chicken Keema Wrap Combo ₹206.14
Crispy Chicken Supreme Combo ₹212.14
BK® Grill Chicken - Combo ₹226.14
Veg Chilli Cheese Melt - Combo ₹246.14
Chicken Chilli Cheese Melt Combo ₹256.14
Paneer King Melt - Combo ₹256.62
Veg Whopper® - Combo ₹266.14
Fiery Chicken - Combo ₹276.62
Chicken Whopper® Combo ₹276.14
Chicken Tandoor Grill - Combo ₹276.14
Mutton Whopper® - Combo ₹346.14
Veg Boss Whopper® Combo ₹316.94
Chicken Boss Whopper® Combo ₹326.59
Mutton Boss Whopper® Combo ₹386.59

Cravers & Beverages

Fries - Regular Fries ₹70.00
Fries - King Fries ₹90.00
Fries - Medium Fries ₹80.00
Lipton Ice Tea ₹70.00
Cappacino ₹99.00
Latte ₹99.00
Cold Coffee ₹99.00
Mango Thick Shake ₹139.00
Chocolate Thick Shake ₹139.00
Strawberry Thick Shake ₹139.00
Black Currant Smoothie ₹169.00
Strawberry Smoothie ₹169.00

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings [15 Pcs] - Grilled ₹399.00
Chicken Wings [15 Pcs] - Fried ₹399.00
Chicken Wings [15 Pcs] - 5 Pcs Grilled + 10 Pcs Fried ₹359.00
Chicken Wings [2 Pcs] - Fried ₹65.00
Chicken Wings [2 Pcs] - Grilled ₹65.00
Chicken Wings [4 Pcs] - Fried ₹119.00
Chicken Wings [4 Pcs] - Grilled ₹119.00
Chicken Wings [10 Pcs] - Fried ₹279.00
Chicken Wings [10 Pcs] - Grilled ₹279.00
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Discovering the Flavorful World of Burger King India: Reputation and Popularity

Enter the realm of Burger King India, where enticing aromas and a solid reputation converge. In this article, we’ll delve into the footprint of Burger King in India, its renowned reputation, and its unwavering popularity among food enthusiasts.

A Taste Sensation: Burger King’s Impact in India

Burger King has made its presence felt worldwide, and India is no exception. With its mouthwatering offerings and commitment to excellence, Burger King has successfully captured the hearts and palates of Indian food aficionados. From the moment you step into a Burger King outlet in India, you’re greeted with a symphony of flavors that promises a delectable culinary journey.

A Blend of Global and Local Flavors

While Burger King is an international brand, it has seamlessly woven its offerings with local Indian tastes. This unique fusion is reflected in a menu that caters to both traditional and adventurous palates. Whether it’s a classic burger or an innovative creation, each dish showcases Burger King’s dedication to providing a diverse and satisfying experience for its patrons.

Earning Trust Through Consistency and Quality

At the heart of Burger King’s reputation in India lies its unwavering commitment to quality and consistency. Each burger is carefully crafted using fresh, premium ingredients, ensuring that every bite bursts with flavor. This devotion to delivering excellence has earned Burger King the trust and loyalty of its customers, who know they can count on a remarkable dining experience every time.

Social Media Buzz and Community Engagement

Burger King India has harnessed the power of social media to connect with its audience. With a strong presence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, the brand shares tantalizing images of its offerings, special promotions, and engaging posts that encourage customers to share their own experiences. This digital interaction not only boosts its popularity but also fosters a sense of community among Burger King enthusiasts.

A Culinary Gem in India

Burger King in India is more than just a fast-food chain—it’s a culinary gem that stands for taste, quality, and innovation. The perfect blend of global standards and local flavors resonates deeply with Indian food lovers, making Burger King a sought-after destination for those seeking an unforgettable and gratifying dining adventure.

Conclusion: Where Flavor Meets Fame

Burger King India has managed to create a unique niche by combining global appeal with local tastes. Its reputation for delivering delicious, high-quality meals has elevated it to a beloved status among Indians of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of classic offerings or crave bold and inventive flavors, Burger King India has something to satiate your cravings. As the brand continues to evolve and captivate its patrons, it’s evident that Burger King’s reputation and popularity in India will remain as steadfast as ever.

To find out more about Burger King, visit their official website at Burger King homepage.

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