Burger King Menu Prices South Africa

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Burger King menu prices (South Africa).

Item Price

Veggie Kings 🌿

Plant-Based WHOPPER R107.90
Vegan Royale R92.90
6pc Vegan Nuggets R76.90
9pc Vegan Nuggets R89.90
12pc Vegan Nuggets (Medium Meal) R105.90
12pc Vegan Nuggets (Make it Large) R122.90
12pc Vegan Nuggets (Nuggets Only) R76.90
20pc Vegan Nuggets R107.90

Picked for you

Cheeseburger R63.90
Texas BBQ King R141.90
Original Chicken R83.90
Whopper King Box R99.90
Extra-Long Chilli Cheese King Box R116.90


BBQ Pepper Jack (Medium Meal) R135.90
BBQ Pepper Jack (Make it Large) R152.90
BBQ Pepper Jack (Burger Only) R106.90


WHOPPER with Cheese R93.90
DOUBLE WHOPPER with Cheese R120.90
WHOPPER JR with Cheese R66.90
DOUBLE WHOPPER (Medium Meal) R111.90
DOUBLE WHOPPER (Make it Large) R128.90
DOUBLE WHOPPER (Burger Only) R83.90
TRIPLE WHOPPER with Cheese R148.90
DOUBLE WHOPPER JR with Cheese R86.90

Beef Burgers

Extra Long Chilli Cheese R98.90
Cheeseburger (Beef Burgers) R63.90
Big King R77.90
Quadruple Stacker R97.90
Double Chilli Cheeseburger R86.90
Big King XXL R123.90
Triple Stacker R90.90
Double Cheeseburger R86.90
Triple Stacker XL R149.90
Double Stacker R81.90
Double Stacker XL R116.90
Quadruple Stacker XL R170.90
Boerewors Burger R86.90
Chilli Cheeseburger R73.90
Texas BBQ King (Beef Burgers) R141.90
Texas BBQ King 3.0 R174.90

Chicken Burgers

Chicken Burger R58.90
Original Chicken with Cheese R86.90
BK CRUNCH with Cheese R79.90
Texas BBQ Chicken King R98.90
Chicken Big King R77.90
Original Chilli Cheese Chicken R94.90
Spicy FIERCE Crispy Chicken R99.90
Crispy Chicken with Cheese R92.90
Crispy Chicken R88.90
Original Chicken (Chicken Burgers) R83.90

Family Meals

King-Size Family Combo 4 R285.90
King-Size Family Combo 5 R350.90

King JR™ Meals

Cheeseburger King Jr R58.90
Chicken Nuggets King Jr R58.90
Double Cheeseburger King Jr R71.90
Whopper Jr (Kids) R71.90
Chicken King Jr R58.90
Burger King Jr R58.90
Vegan Nuggets King Jr R60.90


Wings R40.90
Nacho Cheese Loaded Fries R40.90
Fries (Small) R22.90
Fries (Medium) R29.90
Fries (Large) R32.90
Onion Rings (6 Pieces) R25.90
Onion Rings (9 Pieces) R32.90
Mozzarella Cheese sticks R64.90
Chilli Cheese Bites 6pc R55.90
6PC Nugget R70.90
4pc Chicken Tenders (Chicken Tenders Only) R45.90
4pc Chicken Tenders (Medium Meal) R73.90
4pc Chicken Tenders (Make it Large) R90.90
9PC Nugget (Medium Meal) R83.90
9PC Nugget (Make it Large) R100.90
9PC Nugget (Nuggets Only) R54.90
20PC Nugget (Medium Meal) R141.90
20PC Nugget (Make it Large) R158.90
20PC Nugget (Nuggets Only) R112.90
12PC Nugget (Medium Meal) R96.90
12PC Nugget (Make it Large) R113.90
12PC Nugget (Nuggets Only) R67.90
6pc Chicken Tenders R86.90

Cold Drinks

Pepsi R29.90
Mountain Dew R29.90
Lipton Ice Tea R28.90
Pepsi Max R25.90
7-UP FREE R25.90
Pura Soda - Cranberry R23.90
Mirinda Orange R29.90
BK Bottled Water R20.90
Ceres R23.90
Pura Soda - Pomegranate R23.90
Pura Soda - Sevilla Orange R23.90
Pepsi Light R25.90
Pepsi Max Vanilla R25.90
Pepsi Max Lime R25.90
Chocolate Shake R36.90
Vanilla Shake R36.90
Strawberry Shake R36.90
Milktart Shake R36.90

King's Chicken🍗

Whopper King Box (King's Chicken🍗) R99.90
Big King Chicken King Box R96.90
Big King King Box R96.90
1pc King's Chicken R32.90
2pc King's Chicken R58.90
2pc King's Chicken and Small Fries R62.90
3pc King's Chicken and Small Fries R84.90
Chilli Cheese King Box R103.90
Extra-Long Chilli Cheese King Box (King's Chicken🍗) R116.90
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Burger King South Africa: A Delectable Journey of Flavor, Reputation, and Popularity

When it comes to the world of fast-food, few names are as widely recognized and celebrated as Burger King. This global giant is known for its mouthwatering burgers, iconic Whopper, and distinctive flavors that have captured the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. In the realm of South African cuisine, Burger King has made a significant mark, building a reputation for itself and soaring in popularity. Let’s delve into the delectable journey of Burger King South Africa, exploring its reputation, flavors, and the essence of its unwavering popularity.

A Flavorful Arrival: Burger King’s South African Adventure

The saga of Burger King’s South African venture began in 2013, marking an exciting chapter in the country’s culinary landscape. Bringing its globally acclaimed menu and unique offerings, Burger King introduced South Africans to a range of flavors that would soon become a beloved part of their dining experience. The brand’s commitment to flame-grilling its burgers set it apart, offering a distinct taste that resonated with local preferences while maintaining its global essence.

With its first restaurant opening in Cape Town, Burger King quickly expanded its footprint, spreading its delectable offerings and captivating the palates of South Africans from different walks of life. This expansion marked not only the growth of a brand but also the incorporation of a new dimension in South Africa’s vibrant food culture.

Flavors that Speak: Crafting a Flavorful Reputation

In the world of fast-food, building a reputation is not just about the taste; it’s about the entire experience. Burger King South Africa has masterfully crafted its reputation by embracing the uniqueness of local flavors while staying true to its global identity. One of the remarkable aspects that have contributed to its reputation is the brand’s commitment to quality ingredients. The use of locally sourced produce ensures that each bite captures the essence of South African authenticity.

Moreover, Burger King’s reputation is firmly rooted in its dedication to variety and customization. Recognizing that individual preferences vary, Burger King South Africa offers an array of choices, allowing customers to personalize their orders. This not only caters to diverse tastes but also underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering a customer-centric experience.

A Taste of Popularity: Unveiling Burger King’s Allure

Popularity is the secret sauce that elevates a fast-food chain to iconic status. Burger King South Africa has achieved this coveted status through a combination of tantalizing flavors and strategic initiatives that resonate with the local audience. The brand’s marketing endeavors, both digital and traditional, have been tailored to engage with South Africans, sparking conversations and fostering a sense of community.

One of the standout strategies that have contributed to Burger King’s popularity is its focus on limited-time offerings and innovative creations. These specials, often inspired by local tastes, create a buzz and anticipation among customers, driving them to visit Burger King outlets to savor these exclusive treats before they disappear.

Additionally, Burger King’s commitment to social responsibility and community engagement has further solidified its popularity. The brand’s involvement in various charitable initiatives and sustainability efforts showcases its dedication to giving back to the community it serves.

In Conclusion

Burger King South Africa’s journey is one of flavor, reputation, and unwavering popularity. Its arrival brought a new dimension to the country’s culinary scene, offering a tantalizing array of flame-grilled goodness that resonated with local tastes. Its reputation, built on quality ingredients, variety, and customer-centricity, has made it a respected name in the world of fast-food.

The brand’s popularity, fueled by strategic marketing, innovative offerings, and community engagement, has elevated Burger King South Africa to a position of influence and admiration. It’s not just a fast-food chain; it’s a cultural phenomenon that embodies the diverse and flavorful essence of South Africa.

As the journey continues, one thing remains certain: Burger King South Africa’s flavors will continue to captivate, its reputation will remain robust, and its popularity will shine as a beacon of culinary excellence in the heart of the nation.

To find out more about Burger King, visit their official website at Burger King homepage.

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