Burger King Menu Prices Ireland

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Burger King Menu Prices Ireland.

Item Price

DL Flamed Grilled Burger Meals

Cheese (Whopper Cheese Meal) €12.25
Cheese and Bacon (Whopper Cheese & Bacon Meal) €12.95
Whopper (Double Whopper Meal) €12.75
Whopper (Triple Whopper Meal) €13.75
Whopper Jr (Whopper Junior Meal) €10.25
Double Cheeseburger (Bacon Double Cheeseburger Meal) €10.95
Texas BBQ (Double Texas BBQ Meal) €13.25
Cheeseburger (Double Cheeseburger Meal) €10.25
King XL (Big King XL Meal) €13.25
Big King (Long Big King Meal) €10.25
Texas BBQ (Long Texas BBQ Meal) €10.25
King (Bacon King Meal) €12.75
Bacon Double (Bacon Double XL Meal) €12.25
Based Whopper (Plant Based Whopper) €8.70

DL Flamed Grilled Burgers

Bacon Double Cheeseburger €6.65
Whopperr €7.25
Double Whopper €8.45
Triple Whopper €9.45
Steakhouse €7.95
Double Cheeseburger €5.95
Whopper Jr €5.95
Double Texas BBQ €8.95
Hamburger €2.75
Cheeseburger €3.45
Big King XL €8.95
Long Big King €5.95
Long Texas BBQ €5.95
Bacon King €8.45
Bacon Double Cheese XL €7.95
Whopper Cheese €7.95
Whopper Cheese and Bacon €8.65

DL Crispy and Tender Chicken Meals

Royale (Chicken Royale Meal) €11.25
Seasoned Chicken (Long Seasoned Chicken Meal) €9.60
Chicken Nuggets 6pc (Chicken Nuggets 6 pc Meal) €9.25
Nuggets 9pc (Chicken Nuggets 9pc Meal) €10.55
Strips 6pc (Chicken Strips 6pc Meal) €12.25
Chicken Bacon King (Crispy Chicken Bacon King Meal) €11.30
Chicken (Crispy Chicken Meal) €12.25
King Chicken Burger (King Chicken) €6.75
Based Royale (Plant Based Royale) €11.25

DL Crispy and Tender Chicken

Crispy Chicken Bacon King (DL Crispy and Tender Chicken) €7.80
Chicken Royale (DL Crispy and Tender Chicken) €6.95
Plant Based Royale €6.95
Long Seasoned Chicken €5.40
Crispy Chicken €7.95
Chicken Strips 2pcs €4.95
Chicken Strips 4 pcs €6.95
Chicken Strips 6 pcs €6.95
Chicken Nuggets 4 pcs €3.95
Chicken Nuggets 6 pcs €4.95
Chicken Nuggets 9 pcs €6.25
Chicken Nuggets 20 pcs €11.95
King Chicken Burger €4.20
Chicken Royale Cheese €7.65

DL Veggie and Plant Based

Plant Based Nuggets 4 pc €2.55
Plant Based Nuggets 6 pc €4.10
Plant Based Nuggets 20pc €11.95
Plant Based Nuggets 9pc €5.10
Based Nuggets 4pc (Plant Based Nuggets 4pc Meal) €8.25
Based Nuggets 6pc (Plant Based Nuggets 6pc Meal) €9.25
Plant Based Nuggets 9pc (Plant Based Nuggets 9 pc Meal) €10.55

DL Sides

Bacon Cheese Loaded Fries (DL Sides) €4.75
Fries Large €3.25
Onion Rings 12 pcs €4.75
Chilli Cheese Bites 9 pcs €5.45
Chilli Cheese Bites 4 pcs €3.35
Chilli Cheese Bites 6 pcs €4.45
Chilli Cheese Loaded Fries (DL Sides) €4.55
Onion Rings 5 pcs €2.90
Onion Rings 8 pcs €3.95

DL Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Nuggets €2.20
Kids Chicken Burger €2.70
Kids Burger €2.20
Kids Burger Cheese €2.70
Burger Meal (Kids Burger Meal) €5.50
Kids Burger Cheese Meal (Kids Burger Cheese) €5.50
Kids Chicken Nuggets Meal (Kids Chicken Nuggets) €5.50
Kids Chicken Burger Meal (Kids Chicken Burger) €7.25

DL Sweet Treats

Ben and Jerry's Caramel (100ml) €4.95
Ben and Jerry's Caramel (486ml) €10.95
Ben and Jerry's Chocolate fudge (100ml) €4.95
Ben and Jerry's Chocolate fudge (486ml) €10.95
Ben and Jerry's Cookie dough (100ml) (DL Sweet Treats) €4.95
Ben and Jerry's Cookie dough (486ml) (DL Sweet Treats) €10.95
Ben and Jerry's Vanilla €4.95

DL Drinks

Tropicana Orange €2.95
River Rock Water €2.45
Fruice Juicy Apple and Blackcurrent €2.45
Fruice Juicy Orange €2.75
Coca Cola €2.50
Coca Cola Zero €2.30
Fanta €2.30
Sprite €2.30
Monster Ultra Zero €2.70
Monster Original €2.70
Diet Coke €2.30

Picked for you

Bacon Cheese Loaded Fries €4.75
Crispy Chicken Bacon King €7.80
Chicken Royale €6.95
Chilli Cheese Loaded Fries €4.55
Ben and Jerry's Cookie dough (100ml) €4.95
Ben and Jerry's Cookie dough (486ml) €10.95
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Burger King Ireland: A Culinary Journey of Reputation and Popularity

In the realm of fast-food, one name stands tall and proud: Burger King. Renowned for its mouthwatering burgers, signature flame-grilled technique, and a spectrum of flavors that tantalize taste buds, Burger King has established itself as a global food icon. This fame extends to Ireland, where Burger King not only enjoys a commendable reputation but also basks in soaring popularity. Join us as we embark on a culinary journey through the world of Burger King Ireland, exploring its reputation, flavors, and the allure that has turned it into a beloved favorite.

A Flavorful Arrival: Burger King’s Irish Debut

The story of Burger King’s foray into the Irish culinary landscape is a narrative of flavor and innovation. Touching down in Ireland, Burger King introduced a new realm of tastes and culinary experiences in 1977. With its signature flame-grilled technique, the brand brought a distinct and tantalizing taste to the Emerald Isle, setting the stage for a flavorful journey that would captivate locals and visitors alike.

The inaugural restaurant’s opening in Dublin marked the beginning of an exciting adventure as Burger King quickly expanded its presence across the country. This expansion was not merely about bringing a new brand to people; it was about infusing local preferences with the global essence that Burger King personifies.

Crafting a Flavorful Reputation: Burger King’s Irish Identity

In the competitive world of fast-food, reputation encompasses not just the flavor but the entirety of the dining experience. Burger King Ireland has skillfully curated its reputation by not only offering delectable options but also by embracing the Irish identity. A pivotal element that has contributed to its reputation is the brand’s dedication to quality ingredients. Burger King Ireland utilizes locally sourced produce, ensuring that every bite encapsulates the freshness and authenticity that Ireland is renowned for.

Moreover, Burger King’s reputation is rooted in its embrace of variety and customization. Acknowledging the diverse tastes and preferences of its patrons, the brand offers an array of choices, enabling each individual to tailor their order to their liking. This bespoke approach caters to unique palates and underscores Burger King’s commitment to providing a personalized dining experience.

The Magnetism of Popularity: Embracing Burger King in Ireland

Popularity is the catalyst that transforms a fast-food brand into a cultural phenomenon, and Burger King Ireland has mastered this art. The brand’s popularity is the result of not just its flavors but also its strategic initiatives that resonate deeply with the local audience. Burger King’s marketing endeavors, spanning digital platforms and traditional media, have been meticulously designed to connect with the Irish populace, igniting conversations and fostering a sense of community.

A standout strategy that fuels Burger King’s popularity is its penchant for innovation. The brand consistently introduces limited-time offerings and inventive creations that capture the imagination of the Irish public. These exclusive items breed anticipation and draw customers to Burger King outlets, eager to relish these unique culinary experiences.

Furthermore, Burger King Ireland’s commitment to social responsibility and community involvement has bolstered its popularity. The brand’s participation in charitable activities and sustainability endeavors underscores its role as not just a restaurant but also a conscientious member of the community.

In Conclusion

Burger King Ireland’s journey is a tapestry woven with flavor, reputation, and unwavering popularity. Its debut brought a whirlwind of tastes, introducing Ireland to the flame-grilled magic that defines the brand. Its reputation, built on quality ingredients and a tailored dining experience, has earned it respect and adoration in the fast-food realm.

The brand’s popularity, stoked by inventive offerings and community engagement, has propelled Burger King Ireland to an influential and cherished position. It’s more than a fast-food chain; it’s a culinary companion that captures the diverse and flavorful essence of Ireland.

As the journey continues, one truth remains evident: Burger King Ireland’s flavors will continue to captivate, its reputation will endure, and its popularity will shine as a testament to its culinary excellence within the heart of the country.

To learn more about Burger King Ireland or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.whopper.ie/.

Burger King Ireland FAQ

How much is Burger King Ireland's Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal?

Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal – €11.50

How much is a Chicken Royale Meal at Burger King Ireland?

Chicken Royale Meal – €11.20

How much are Plant Based Whopper Meal at Burger King Ireland?

Plant Based Whopper Meal – €10.55

How much does a Burger King Ireland's Bacon Cheese Chicken Royale Meal Cost?

Bacon Cheese Chicken Royale Meal – €12.40