Burger King BG Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Burger King BG menu prices. (Bulgaria)

Вещ Цена

Whopper и телешки бургери

Троен бургер Whopper (436г) лв17.95
Бургер Big King XXL (356г) лв15.95
Бургер Двоен Steakhouse (366г) лв15.95
Бургер Двоен Whopper (340г) лв13.95
Двоен чийзбургер XXL (320г) лв13.95
Бургер Steakhouse (285г) лв11.95
Бургер Extra Long Chili Cheese (257г) лв10.95
Бургер California Whopper (272г) лв10.95
Whopper (262г) лв9.95
Двоен чийзбургер (154г) лв8.95
Бургер Big King (188г) лв8.95
Чили чийзбургер (123г) лв4.70
Тексас Барбекю бургер (122г) лв4.70
Хамбургер (109г) лв4.20
Чийзбургер (122г) лв4.00
Бургер Whopper Jr. (130г) лв4.00

Пилешки бургери

Бургер Tender Crisp (283г) лв11.95
Бургер Long Chicken (209г) лв10.95
Бургер Crispy Chicken (183г) лв9.95
Chicken nugget burger (124г) лв4.00


Меню Троен Whopper (952г) лв20.95
Меню Двоен Steakhouse (982г) лв19.95
Меню Big King XXL (872г) лв18.45
Меню Двоен Whopper (856г) лв17.95
Меню Двоен чийзбургер XXL (836г) лв16.95
Меню Long Chicken Cheese (897г) лв16.45
Меню Steakhouse (801г) лв15.45
Меню Tender Crisp (799г) лв15.45
Меню Калифорния Whopper (788г) лв14.95
Меню Long Chicken (872г) лв14.95
Меню Extra Long Chili Cheese (773г) лв13.95
Меню Двоен пилешки King Pocket (694г) лв13.50
Меню Двоен телешки King Pocket (792г) лв13.50
Меню Big King (704г) лв12.95
Меню Whopper (778г) лв12.95
Меню Crispy Chicken (699г) лв12.95
Меню Пилешки King Pocket (628г) лв12.95
Меню Телешки King Pocket (628г) лв12.95
Меню Двоен чийзбургер (670г) лв12.50
Меню Whopper Jr. (646г) лв8.95

Продукти на растителна основа

Меню на растителна основа Whopper (750г) лв12.95
Whopper бургер на растителна основа (198г) лв10.95

Pockets & рапи

Двоен телешки King Pocket (260г) лв13.45
Телешки рап Барбекю меню (696г) лв12.45
Рап с хрупкаво пилешко меню (729г) лв12.45
Двоен пилешки King Pocket (240г) лв11.95
Рап с хрупкаво пилешко (213г) лв9.95
Телешки рап Барбекю (180г) лв9.95
Пилешки King Pocket (180г) лв9.95
Телешки King Pocket (200г) лв9.45

Детско меню

Детско меню с чийзбургер (390г) лв8.95


Кинг Късчета с топено сирене и чили (120г) лв8.00
Пикантни картофи (150г) лв6.00
Картофи (Големи (142г)) лв6.50
Картофи (Малки (74г)) лв4.80
Картофи (Средни (116г)) лв4.80


Сос Барбекю (25г) лв1.50
Медена горчица лв1.50
Майонезено-чеснов сос лв1.50
Сладко чили лв1.50
Кетчуп (20г) лв0.60
Майонеза лв0.60


Пепси (500мл) лв4.00
Пепси Макс (500мл) лв4.00
Минерална вода (500мл) лв2.00

Coca-Cola напитки

Нектар Cappy Портокал (200мл) лв2.50
Cappy Праскова (200мл) лв2.50
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Discovering Burger King Brazil: Unveiling its Reputation and Soaring Popularity

In the vibrant tapestry of Brazil’s culinary scene, one name stands out as a beacon of flavor and convenience – Burger King Brazil. With its tantalizing flame-grilled burgers and delectable sides, Burger King has woven itself into the fabric of Brazil’s food culture. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the reputation and soaring popularity of this iconic fast-food giant within the Brazilian context.

A Brazilian Flavor Adventure: Burger King’s Introduction to Brazil

The arrival of Burger King in Brazil marked more than just the launch of a new dining option; it represented the fusion of international taste with local preferences. As the doors to the first Burger King branch swung open in Brazil, the air was filled with the irresistible aroma of sizzling patties and the promise of a menu that catered to every palate. Burger King’s strength lies in its ability to offer a taste of the world while catering to the distinct preferences of the Brazilian people.

Reputation Beyond Borders: The Pillars of Quality and Consistency

Burger King’s reputation is a global phenomenon rooted in its commitment to quality and consistency. Whether you’re in Brazil or anywhere else, one thing remains constant – the assurance of a consistent and satisfying dining experience. This reputation isn’t just confined to the taste of the food; it extends to every facet of the Burger King experience.

In Brazil, where culinary traditions are celebrated, Burger King has managed to secure a place of trust among food enthusiasts. The brand’s dedication to sourcing fresh ingredients and maintaining rigorous standards resonates with Brazilians who have a discerning palate. From the succulent burgers to the crispy fries, every component of a Burger King meal reflects this unwavering commitment to excellence, making it a reliable choice for individuals and families alike.

Sizzling Success: Burger King’s Rising Popularity in Brazil

The allure of Burger King has taken Brazil by storm, with its popularity reaching new heights. But what exactly propels Burger King to such widespread recognition and admiration within Brazil’s bustling food culture?

Central to this is the diverse menu that caters to the varied tastes of Brazilians. While classics like the Whopper remain beloved, Burger King Brazil ensures there’s something for everyone. The menu boasts an array of options, from flame-grilled chicken sandwiches to delectable vegetarian alternatives, ensuring that every Brazilian finds their perfect meal. This diversity not only accommodates different dietary preferences but also makes Burger King a preferred choice for gatherings and celebrations.

Burger King’s popularity in Brazil also stems from its adaptability and innovation. The incorporation of menu items inspired by local flavors and ingredients has resonated with Brazilian taste buds. This adaptation showcases Burger King’s awareness of the Brazilian palate and its commitment to celebrating the nation’s culinary heritage.

In Conclusion: Savoring the Burger King Brazil Experience

Burger King Brazil isn’t merely a fast-food establishment; it’s an expedition into flavor. As you enter a Burger King outlet in Brazil, the tantalizing scent of flame-grilled perfection envelops you, heralding the beginning of a delectable gastronomic journey. The global reputation that Burger King has cultivated is mirrored in its Brazilian branches, where each bite encapsulates the brand’s dedication to taste, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

As you savor your meal, you’re not just indulging in a burger; you’re immersing yourself in the legacy of Burger King’s excellence. The brand’s popularity in Brazil is a testament to its ability to seamlessly blend international appeal with local preferences. Whether you’re a native Brazilian exploring new tastes or a visitor seeking an authentic flavor experience, Burger King Brazil offers a voyage that honors global culinary expertise while embracing the unique essence of Brazil’s palate.

To find out more about Burger King, visit their official website at Burger King.

Burger King Bulgaria FAQ

How Much Is A ???? Whopper In Bulgaria

???? Whopper – ??10,95

How Much Is A ???? ????? Steakhouse In Bulgaria

???? ????? Steakhouse – ??14,95

How Much Are ???? ????? Whopper In Bulgaria?

???? ????? Whopper – ??12,95

How Much Is ???? ???? ??????? ??????? At Burger King Bulgaria

???? ???? ??????? ??????? – ??10,95

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