7th Heaven India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest 7th Heaven India menu prices.

Item Price

Classic Cakes

Pineapple Classic Cake ₹297.38
Black Forest Classic Cake ₹295.67
Butterscotch Classic Cake ₹297.38

Classic Cakes Eggless

Vanilla Classic Cake ₹187.50

Premium Cakes

Chocolate Truffle Pastry ₹69.25
Dark Knight Premium Cake ₹347.00
Strawberry Premium Cake ₹355.83
Chocolate Globe Premium Cake ₹365.00
Dutch Truffle Pastry ₹69.25
Chocolate Fantasy Cake ₹369.00
Swiss Chocolate Premium Cake ₹365.00
Swiss Chocolate Cake ₹369.00
Chocolate Zebra Pastry ₹69.25
Blackcurrant Pastry ₹69.25
Chocolate Indulgence Premium Cake ₹347.00
Chocolate Fantasy Premium Cake ₹347.00
Strawberry Cake ₹369.00
Choco Vanilla Premium Cake ₹350.00
Choco Chips Premium Cake ₹350.00
Chocolate Ganoche Premium Cake ₹330.00
Chocolate Zebra Premium Cake ₹365.00
Choco Truffle Premium Cake ₹350.00
Strawberry Pastry ₹69.25
Chocolate Strawberry Premium Cake ₹347.00
Choco Flakes Premium Cake ₹350.00
Swiss Chocolate Pastry ₹69.25
Swiss Choco Premium Cake ₹350.00
Chocolate Excess Premium Cake ₹347.00
Chocolate Truffle Premium Cake ₹347.00
Choco Fantasy Premium Cake ₹350.00
Blackcurrant Premium Cake ₹353.57
Coffee Premium Cake ₹371.25
Choco Ganache Premium Cake ₹350.00
Blueberry Premium Cake ₹360.71
Choco Strawberry Premium Cake ₹350.00
White Choco Caramel Premium Cake ₹400.00
Raspberry Premium Cake ₹340.71
Blueberry Pastry ₹69.00
Chocolate Overload Premium Cake ₹371.25
Dutch Truffle Premium Cake ₹375.00
Cherry Dutch Truffle Premium Cake ₹450.00
Raspberry Pastry ₹69.00
Dark Knight Premium Pastry ₹66.00
Chocolate Globe Premium Pastry ₹66.00
Chocolate Overload Premium Pastry ₹66.00
Chocolate Indulgence Premium Pastry ₹66.00
Chocolate Fantasy Premium Pastry ₹66.00
Chocolate Ganoche Premium Pastry ₹66.00
Coffee Cake ₹229.00
Coffee Premium Pastry ₹66.00
Chocolate Strawberry Premium Pastry ₹66.00
Chocolate Excess Premium Pastry ₹66.00

Permium Cakes

Chocolate Truffle Cake ₹369.00
Chocolate Ganache Cake ₹369.00
Chocolate Strawberry Cake ₹369.00
Dutch Truffle Cake ₹369.00
Blueberry Cake ₹369.00
Blackcurrant Cake ₹369.00
Refreshing Paan Cake ₹400.50
Lychee Cake ₹400.50


Veggie Burger ₹107.33
Potato Cheese Blast Burger ₹134.50
Hash Brown Burger ₹116.00

Premium Cakes Eggless

Chocolate Ganache Premium Cake ₹358.33

Exotic Cakes Eggless

Belgium Chocolate Exotic Cake ₹432.50
Fruit Chocolate Exotic Cake ₹432.50


Paneer Masala Sandwich ₹92.50

Premium Exotic Cake

Red Velvet Choco Premium Exotic ₹475.00
Red Velvet Cheese Premium Exotic ₹500.00
Red Velvet Raspberry Premium Exotic ₹475.00
Blueberry Cheese Premium Exotic ₹450.00
Strawberry Cheese Premium Exotic ₹450.00
Mango Cheese Premium Exotic ₹450.00
Kit Kat Gems Cake Premium Exotic ₹550.00

Pemium Exotic Eggless

Kit Kat Premium Exotic Cake ₹478.00

Exotic Cake

Red Velvet Cream Cheesecake ₹295.00
Mango Cheesecake ₹364.67


Red Velvet Butter Cream Cupcake ₹38.29
Red Velvet Cheese Cream Cupcake ₹41.43
New Neo Cupcake ₹49.00
Dark Chocolate Cupcake ₹40.00
Dark Choco Cupcake ₹25.00
Blueberry Cupcake ₹42.20
Oreo Cupcake ₹42.50
Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake ₹39.50
Caramel Chocolate Cupcake ₹49.00
Vanilla Choco Cream Cupcake ₹33.33
Vanilla Cupcake ₹32.00
Rainbow Cupcake ₹49.00
Dutch Truffle Cupcake ₹47.00
Coffee and Choco Chip Cupcake ₹39.50
Lemon Coconut Cupcake ₹44.00
Cupcake 24 Karrot ₹55.00
Hazelnut Cupcake ₹36.43


Pink Sauce Pasta with Penne ₹185.00
Alfredo Pasta with Penne ₹189.50


Cookie Dough Chocolate Pizza ₹84.50
La Opera Cake ₹830.50
Red Velvet Chocolate ₹112.50

Indian Starter and Chaat

Bhel Puri ₹49.50
Sev Puri ₹60.00
Dahi Batata Puri ₹62.50
Pani Puri ₹49.50


White Chocolate Filled Donuts ₹59.00


Chocolate Tart ₹34.50
Lemon Tart ₹35.14
Strawberry Tart ₹34.50
Apple Pie Tart ₹33.50
Chocolate Concard Tart ₹29.00
Chocolate Concord Tart ₹39.75


Choco Chip Brownie ₹57.60
Walnut Brownie ₹57.71
Nutella Brownie ₹57.88
Oreo Brownie ₹57.71

Instant Mug Cakes Eggless

Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup Mug Cake ₹137.00

Lava Cake

Red Velvet Lava Cake ₹48.00
Chocolate Lava Cake ₹48.00
Espresso Lava Cake ₹49.00


Lava Cake ₹54.67


Chocolate Mousse Cup ₹65.00

Mug Cake

Chocolate Chip and Truffle Mug Cake ₹144.50
Black Forest Mug Cake ₹160.00
Salted Caramel and Milk Truffle Mug Cake ₹175.00
Strawberry Cheese Cream Mug Cake ₹168.33
White Chocolate Fantasy Mug Cake ₹166.25
Cookies and Cream Mug Cake ₹172.50
Mug Cake with Ice Cream ₹188.50
Nutella Overload Mug Cake ₹190.67

Muffin Eggless

Butterscotch Muffin ₹43.67

Cake Pastry

Original New York Cheesecake Pastry ₹105.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Pastry ₹105.50
Blueberry Cheesecake Pastry ₹105.50

Cheesecakes Eggless

Blueberry Cheesecake ₹248.80
Strawberry Cheesecake ₹297.25
Original New York Cheesecake ₹250.80
Hazelnut Cheesecake ₹103.50
Cookies and Cream Cheesecake ₹103.50

Bar Cake

Strawberry Bar Cake ₹96.50
Vanilla Choco Chips Bar Cake ₹94.00
Chunky Chocolate Bar Cake ₹86.20
Raisins Bar Cake ₹96.50

Pastry Premium

Chocolate Globe Pastry ₹72.50
Chocolate Fantasy Pastry ₹72.50
Chocolate Ganache Pastry ₹72.50
Coffee Cake Pastry ₹72.50


Peach Iced Tea ₹104.50


Chunky Chocolate Muffin ₹44.00
Caramel Muffin ₹37.50
Blueberry Muffin ₹44.00
Strawberry Muffin ₹44.00
Chocolate Muffin ₹37.50
Vanilla Choco Chips Muffin ₹41.20
Tutti Frutti Muffin ₹37.50
Raisins Muffin ₹44.00

Pastry Exotic

Mango Pastry ₹86.50
Tiramisu Pastry ₹86.50
Chocolate Caramel Pastry ₹86.50
Lychee Pastry ₹86.50
Choco Chips Pastry ₹86.50
Marble Cake Pastry ₹86.50
Fresh Fruit Cake Pastry ₹86.50
Belgium Chocolate Pastry ₹86.50
Fruit Chocolate Pastry ₹86.50
White Forest Pastry ₹86.50
Brownie Cake Pastry ₹86.50


Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake ₹77.50

Well Cake Eggless

Choco Caramel Well Cake ₹117.67

Premium Exotic Pastry

Kit Kat Cake Pastry ₹97.50
Death By Chocolate Pastry ₹97.50
Roasted Almond Pastry ₹97.50
Oreo Cake Pastry ₹97.50

Edible Cup Mousse

Blueberry Edible Cup Mousse ₹53.33
Blueberry Mousse ₹49.50
Pineapple Edible Cup Mousse ₹50.00
Strawberry Mousse ₹51.67
Pineapple Mousse ₹51.67
Coffee Edible Cup Mousse ₹50.00
Chocolate Mousse ₹51.67
Strawberry Edible Cup Mousse ₹53.33
Coffee Mousse ₹51.67
Chocolate Edible Cup Mousse ₹50.00
Mango Edible Cup Mousse ₹50.00
Mango Mousse ₹51.67

Ice Cream Desserts

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich ₹59.00
Brownie with Ice cream ₹103.50
Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich ₹106.00
Donut Ice Cream Sandwich ₹99.00
Taco Ice Cream ₹104.00
Ice Cream Flower Pot ₹219.00
Titanic Ice Cream ₹329.00


Chocolate Donut ₹55.80
Chocolate Filled Donut ₹55.80
White Chocolate Filled Donut ₹60.00
Caramel Donut ₹60.00
Oreo Donut ₹49.50
Mango Donut ₹60.00
Blueberry Donut ₹60.00
Strawberry Donut ₹60.00

Classics Cakes

Pineapple Classic Pastry ₹60.00
Black Forest Cake ₹338.00
Black Forest Classic Pastry ₹60.00
Butterscotch Cake ₹338.00
Butterscotch Classic Pastry ₹60.00
Blakforest Classic Cake ₹302.50


Chocolate Macarons ₹42.25
Strawberry Macarons ₹42.25
Pista Macarons ₹42.25
Mint Macarons ₹42.25
Lemon Macarons ₹42.25
Blackcurrant Macarons ₹42.25

Exotic Cakes

Fresh Fruit Exotic Cake ₹428.57
Mango Exotic Cake ₹407.14
Cherry Mousse Exotic Cake ₹417.14
Fresh Fruit Cake ₹313.67
Tiramisu Exotic Cake ₹428.57
White Forest Cake ₹430.50
Chocolate Caramel Exotic Cake ₹414.00
Mango Cake ₹293.67
Oreo Exotic Cake ₹425.00
Lychee Exotic Cake ₹424.29
Choco Caramel Exotic Cake ₹425.00
Caramel White Chocochip Exotic Cake ₹392.50
Roasted Almond Exotic Cake ₹450.00
Chocolate Mousse Exotic Cake ₹414.00
Choco Mousse Cake Exotic Cake ₹400.00
Pineapple Choco Oreo Exotic Cake ₹450.00
Marble Exotic Cake ₹414.00
Kit Kat Exotic Cake ₹500.00
Belgium Choco Exotic Cake ₹450.00
Fruit Choco Exotic Cake ₹450.00
Mango Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
White Forest Exotic Cake ₹428.57
Brownie Exotic Cake ₹424.29
Cherry Mousse Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Tiramisu Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Chocolate Caramel Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Refreshing Paan Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Lychee Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Choco Chips Exotic Cake ₹423.33
Caramel White Chocochip Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Chocolate Mousse Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Choco Chips Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Marble Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Refreshing Paan Exotic Cake ₹422.50
Fresh Fruit Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
White Forest Exotic Pastry ₹77.00
Marble Cake ₹260.50
Brownie Exotic Pastry ₹77.00

Premium Exotic Cakes

Original New York Premium Exotic Cheesecake ₹453.33
Kit Kat Cake ₹492.00
Blueberry Premium Exotic Cheesecake ₹440.00
Red Velvet Cream Cheese Premium Exotic Cake ₹450.00
Mango Premium Exotic Cheesecake ₹453.33
Death by Chocolate Premium Exotic Cake ₹460.00
Oreo Cake ₹361.33
Red Velvet Chocolate Premium Exotic Cake ₹455.00
Strawberry Premium Exotic Cheesecake ₹440.00
Red Velvet Choco Raspberry Premium Exotic Cake ₹440.00
Rainbow Premium Exotic Cake ₹493.33
Oreo Premium Exotic Cake ₹478.00
Roasted Almond Premium Exotic Cake ₹478.00
Original New York Premium Exotic Cheesecake Pastry ₹88.00
Blueberry Premium Exotic Cheesecake Pastry ₹88.00
Mango Premium Exotic Cheesecake Pastry ₹88.00
Strawberry Premium Exotic Cheesecake Pastry ₹88.00
Red Velvet Chocolate Premium Exotic Pastry ₹88.00
Red Velvet Cream Cheese Premium Exotic Pastry ₹88.00
Red Velvet Choco Raspberry Cake ₹292.00
Red Velvet Choco Raspberry Premium Exotic Pastry ₹88.00
Rainbow Cake ₹302.00
Rainbow Premium Exotic Pastry ₹88.00
Kit Kat Premium Exotic Pastry ₹88.00
Death by Chocolate Cake ₹297.00
Death by Chocolate Premium Exotic Pastry ₹88.00
Roasted Almond Premium Exotic Pastry ₹88.00
Oreo Premium Exotic Pastry ₹88.00

Turkish Soaked

Rasmalai Pastry ₹108.50
Gulab Jamun Pastry ₹108.50

Bar Cakes

Blueberry Bar Cake ₹86.20
Butterscotch Bar Cake ₹82.75


Chocolate Danish ₹65.50
Blueberry Danish ₹65.50
Pineapple Danish ₹65.50

Cheese Cakes

Blueberry Cheese Cake ₹108.00
Strawberry Cheese Cake ₹108.00
Peanut Butter Cheese Cake ₹108.00
Original New York Cheese Cake ₹108.00
Hazelnut Cheese Cake ₹108.00
Cookies and Cream Cheese Cake ₹108.00


Vegetable Grill Sandwich ₹90.50
Pizza Sandwich ₹100.33
Nutella Toast ₹90.50
Cheese Chilli Toast ₹80.00


Pineapple Pudding ₹53.00
Strawberry Pudding ₹56.67
Blueberry Pudding ₹53.00
Double Chocolate Margarita Mousse Glasses ₹72.50


Coleslaw Roll ₹57.50
Paneer Roll ₹63.00
Pizza Roll ₹68.50

Edible Brownie Cups

Nutella Edible Brownie Cup ₹45.00
Oreo Edible Brownie Cup ₹45.00

Belgian Waffles

Brownie Waffle with Ice Cream ₹128.00
Belgian Chocolate Waffle ₹116.00
Nutella Madness Waffle ₹122.50
Cookies and Cream Waffle ₹122.50

Well Cakes

Red Velvet Chocolate Well Cake ₹118.00
Dark Chocolate Well Cake ₹118.00
Nutella Madness Well Cake ₹118.00
Milky Way Well Cake ₹118.00

Refreshers and Floats

Iced Tea ₹119.00
Coke Float ₹116.00
Milkshake ₹145.00
Cupcake Milkshake ₹144.00
Cold Coffee ₹155.00


Butter Croissant ₹41.00
Chocolate Croissant ₹41.00
Cheese Garlic Croissant ₹41.00

Snack Bread

Focaccia Bread ₹57.50
Pita Bread ₹41.00
Panini Bread ₹46.50
Pizza Bread ₹41.00
Burger Bread ₹30.00


Smileys ₹109.00


Mint Mojito ₹104.50
Lemon Iced Tea ₹102.67
Passion Fruit Iced Tea ₹102.67
Strawberry Iced Tea ₹104.50
Blueberry Iced Tea ₹102.67


Popcorn Caramel Shake ₹132.50
Mango Shake ₹132.50
Butterscotch Shake ₹132.50
Mint and Oreo Shake ₹149.50
Death By Chocolate Shake ₹182.00
Kit Kat Shake ₹182.00

Cold Coffee

Turkish Delight Cold Coffee ₹144.00
Irish Cafe and Hazelnut Cold Coffee ₹144.00
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream ₹152.50
Cold Coffee Frappe ₹135.00
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7th Heaven India FAQ

How much is 7th Heaven India's Chocolate Truffle Pastry?

Chocolate Truffle Pastry – ₹69.25

How much is a Chocolate Fantasy Premium Cake at 7th Heaven India?

Chocolate Fantasy Premium Cake – ₹343.75

How much are Blackcurrant Premium Cake at 7th Heaven India?

Blackcurrant Premium Cake – ₹337.50

How much does a 7th Heaven India's Raspberry Pastry Cost?

Raspberry Pastry – ₹69.00